Chinese Reflexology for Headaches & Migraines

taught by Holly Tse

Course description

Learn how to use Chinese Reflexology for fast relief from headache and migraine pain. You'll learn a simple reflexology routine and how to CUSTOMIZE it  based on your symptoms to clear away the pain of a headache or migraine. This amazing combination of points takes just a few minutes to practice for natural and immediate relief from the stabbing and throbbing in your head. Learn how to massage these points with the tutorial videos in this course.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this incredible online course:

  • Discover how to get natural relief from headaches and migraines in minutes—without drugs or when nothing else is helping
  • Learn how to massage 5 powerful Chinese Reflexology and acupressure points for fast and natural pain relief
  • How to use this one section of your foot to relieve pain in the sides, front, top, and back of your head—and around the eyes, too
  • Find out which Chinese reflexology point can help relieve the dizziness and nausea that often accompanies headaches and migraines
  • An easy-to-follow foot massage that you can practice on yourself to clear your head so that you can think straight and function again
  • Why over-the-counter pain medication can make you more likely to get headaches, feel cranky and irritable—and also increase the risk of dementia
  • Discover what you can do so that you get fewer headaches and migraines—and then you can stop putting your life on hold and instead, make plans without worrying about having to cancel at the last minute

Take a moment to consider how amazing your life could be if you had control over your headaches and migraines. Instead of hiding out in a dark room with the shades drawn, you could be out and about living your life—feel easy, happy, and free from the unpredictability of headache and migraine pain.

Imagine how much you could accomplish when you’re no longer sidelined by the stabbing, thudding, throbbing pain in your head. You could spend time with your family without having to ask them to whisper. You could go to work, do stuff around the house, and even better, you could have a social life again!

If you want to be free from the vise-like grip that pain has on your head and your life, then try this online course risk-free with a14-day moneyback guarantee, If after 14 days, you are not satisfied with the course, email me for a refund, and your money will be cheerfully refunded. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Get your life back and feel normal again.

Holly Tse
Holly Tse

Holly Tse is a speaker, author, podcaster, teacher of vitality and spirituality, and also a Dragon Spirit Guide. She is the founder of, the premier website on Chinese Reflexology with readers from over 200 countries worldwide. As a Chinese Canadian, Holly followed cultural expectations by working in the corporate world until her body spoke up by breaking down. She then walked away from a ten-year career to follow her heart and soul. As a result, she healed her body and discovered the secrets of amazing health and vitality. She is the author of the internationally bestselling book, Sole Guidance: Ancient Secrets of Chinese Reflexology to Heal the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.