Discover the pivotal relationship between following your soul’s calling and moving freely in your body and your life

In this online course, you'll learn Chinese Reflexology points, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, and the Mind Body Connection for healthy joints.  You'll also find out how to massage reflexology points to recover faster from an injury, overuse, or sprain in your neck, shoulder, knees and hips.

In this 4-part online course, you'll:

  • Learn how to locate and massage Chinese Reflexology points for the joints
  • Gain an understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine imbalances that can lead to joint pain, and what's necessary to restore balance and harmony in the body
  • Find out about the mind body and soul connection for healthy joints and free-flowing movement
  • Discover how following your soul’s calling is related to your joints, and how you can create more movement and flow in your body and your life

Here's a highlight of what's covered in each video. 

Video 1: Reflexology and Qi Gong

  • How to locate and massage Chinese Reflexology points for the joints, including the neck, shoulder, inner hip, outer hip and knee
  • As there are no points for the wrists and fingers, you'll also learn a beneficial Qi Gong exercise for the wrists. I learned this exercise from a Shaolin monk. In addition to helping to stretch the tendons and muscles in the wrists, it also helps "open the channels" to improve circulation in the hands and the energy meridians that run through the hands and fingers. This is beneficial for one's overall health and vitality, so it's like you're getting double the benefit!

Video 2: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Perspectives

  • Understand the TCM imbalances in the body that cause joint pain and make a person more susceptible to joint pain
  • Discover the most important organs and energy meridians that influence the joints
  • Reflexology recommendations if you injure, overuse  or strain your shoulder, neck, knees, and hips
  • The 4 Bi Pains: How weather can result in different types of joint pain, and what to do to minimize the effects
  • The roots of chronic joint pain and what's required to turn things around

Video 3: Mind Body and Soul Connection

  • Gain awareness of the emotional roots behind neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, finger, hip, and knee issues so that you can make changes in your life to support your body in releasing dis-ease and discomfort
  • Understand the relationship between joint issues and following your soul's path to welcome free-flowing movement in your body and your life 

Video 4: A Message from the Universe Just for You

  • Tune in to a Dragon Spirit meditation to raise your vibration and quiet your mind so that you can hear wisdom from your soul to gain insights and clarity into joint issues
  • Get a message from the Universe that's exactly what you need to hear in the moment

The videos in this course are from the online  workshop taught live in August 2021 in the Sole Circle. The workshop recording has been lightly edited to create a standalone course. 


Holly Tse

Course curriculum

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    • WELCOME!

    • VIDEO 1: Chinese Reflexology Points for the Joints, and a Beneficial Qi Gong Exercise for the Wrists

    • VIDEO 2: Understanding TCM Imbalances in the Body That Cause Joint Pain

    • VIDEO 3 - Mind Body and Soul Connection for Healthy Joints and Free-Flowing Movement

    • VIDEO #4: Dragon Spirit Meditation to Connect with the Universe and Uncover the Roots of Previous and Current Joint Issues

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